A Song Discordant

A duology about two very different people, bound together by struggles with identity, the use and abuse of power, and finding balance in unbalanced surroundings. To fulfill their shared destiny they will have to save not only themselves, but the entire world.

A Song Discordant is a story about the interconnectedness and intricate beauty of life, and the sacrifices it takes to become who you really are.

Book one of A Song Discordant

Jona is under a lot of pressure. Not only is he a child of the Seal of Rheem and expected to be disciplined and tough – things he’s very much not – but he also possesses the magic power that long ago destroyed his country; a power everyone despises, his father most of all.

Feeling like a constant failure and living with this immense secret, when a desperate attempt to use his power results in tragedy, Jona escapes into substance abuse. But when his father travels to neighboring Enesia to try and save Rheem from impending colonization, Jona wants to protect him at all costs…even if it means getting in touch with the part of himself he despises the most.

A meeting with Thetis, a mysterious woman he seems to share a profound connection with, further convinces him to embrace his true nature and overcome his addiction. But can he really start to use his power, when it might mean losing everyone he’s ever loved?

As war rages and Thetis turns out to be a fickle friend, Jona risks everything, only to be left with nothing. Still, the confidence he gains, and the strength he finds within himself, are more than he’s ever had. They will serve him well on what he now knows is his destiny: returning Rheem, and the whole continent, to balance.

Title: The Book Of Regret (A Song Discordant 1)

Genre: low fantasy with genre-bending elements

Length: 82500 words (complete)

Target audience: adults

Status: final edits on second draft finished, after feedback from beta readers.
Currently querying agents (from June 2019).

Book two of A Song Discordant

After fifteen years on a remote island off the coast of Neimyra, Thetis has finally served her sentence for the crimes she committed as a double agent. Now, all she wants is to get back to Jona, and help his effort to restore Thunya to balance.

This, however, means forgiving her former Order, who put her on the penitentiary island to begin with. And she isn’t feeling particularly forgiving. Especially once she meets some people from her early childhood, who drag up ugly memories she’d thought she’d left behind.

Soon, revenge leads Thetis down darkly familiar paths, further and further away from Jona. While she sinks into old habits, she also encounters an unwelcome new reality. As a weathered, forty-year-old woman, she can no longer use the same strategies to gain power as she did when she was twenty-four. Feeling locked in from all sides, she only gets more enraged…and more dangerous.

Things come to a head when an old friend gives Thetis some delicate information she could use to dethrone her mother, the ultimate revenge. Torn between her new vulnerability and an ancient longing for power, Thetis is forced to question her own motives. Is it really revenge and power she’s looking for? Or are they just excuses to stay independent and away from Jona? After all, he might reject her, now that she’s no longer young and pretty. But even if he didn’t, could he still love her? Or has she betrayed him – and herself – one too many times?

Grappling with changes within and outside herself, Thetis has to make the ultimate choice. Finding strength the way she’s always done, by going it alone; or finding strength through opening her heart – at the risk of having it irreparably broken.

Title: The Book Of Redemption (A Song Discordant 2)

Genre: low fantasy with genre-bending elements

Length: 80000 words (estimate)

Target audience: adults

Status: Synopsis in progress (June 2019). Rough first draft expected end of 2019.