A Song Discordant is a duology about a former addict and a former criminal who somehow have to save the world…and each other.

Almost two hundred years ago, the continent of Thunya was destroyed by a magic power, The Skill. Now, each country tries to get the upper hand in the resulting power vacuum. On one hand, there’s Rheem, sharing a border with the mysterious Magoia Forest. On the other hand there’s the Covenant of the White Sun: far superior from a technological point of view, but economically dependent on the very magoia fruits that grow in the forest beyond Rheem’s borders.

A clash between the two seems inevitable…and the only two people who stand between Thunya and a fatal disturbance of its elusive Balance, aren’t exactly hero material.

FaCt SHeet

Name: A Song Discordant

Genre: adult fantasy

Book 1: The Book Of Regret
Status: complete at 82,500 words, edited after beta reader feedback

Book 2: The Book Of Redemption
Status: working on 1st draft

tHe main playeRs

Jona: Wayward son of the Seal of Rheem. Empath, seeker, fiend.
When we meet him, Jona is desperately looking for external validation. He’s convinced his core is rotten, and the power within him can only be a force for evil. It isn’t until The Sparrow, his father’s assistent, calls upon that power in the service of a greater good, that Jona realizes he is actually in charge of it. But he needs to lose almost everything, including his bond with the elusive Thetis, to come to that realization.

Will Jona find the balance he needs to save both Thunya and himself?

Thetis: Novice of the Order of Neirid. Double agent, criminal, spy.
When we meet Thetis, she is dedicated to her goal – the protection of her homeland Neimyra – and will go to any lengths to reach it. She trusts no one, including herself, and that’s fine by her. But when she meets Jona, Thetis is terrified. Here is a person who sees the woman behind the myriad different identities, and for the first time in her life, Thetis is forced to wonder:

Does the end always justify the means? Or are there lengths you can go to that you can’t ever come back from?

book 1: tHe book of regRet

The Book Of Regret is mostly Jona’s story. Already falling short of his father’s expectations, Jona is devastated when he learns he also possesses the Skill, a cursed magic power. 

After a desperate attempt to use the Skill goes horribly wrong, Jona escapes into substance abuse and self-hatred. But when a foreign power threatens to colonize Rheem, he is forced to make a choice: keep hiding, or finally become who he really is… and risk losing everyone he loves?

Jona’s journey is one of finding self-worth in an environment that deems you unworthy, and gaining control of the strength within you. The Book Of Regret is about what we do with power once we obtain it, and the sacrifices it takes to become who you really are.

book 2: tHe book of ReDEmptIon

The Book Of Redemption is the story of Thetis. After fifteen years on the penitentiary island of Alarys, she is ready to start over. Her plan is to find Jona and rejoin him in his effort to keep the Covenant of the White Sun at bay.

But old habits die hard, and old grudges even harder. Soon, Thetis finds herself tangled up in a web of deceit, vengeance, and the struggle for power. Can she break this pattern, before it breaks not only her, but the whole of Thunya? 

The Book Of Redemption is about a woman clinging to her rage because she fears it’s the only way she will have a voice; about how hard it is to choose the unknown, and the power that comes with surrender.

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