The Raven’s Toll episode 9 – Down Long-Forgotten Paths

One of the best compliments I ever got, I think. My narrator, on handing in this weeks episode: ‘how do you make a forest sound…SENSUAL?’

This week, excitingly, we enter Magoia Forest, a place of wonder and danger. And it’s not a given that everyone will make it out unharmed…
For The Raven, Magoia Forest is his home – but also a place of old pain and trauma. I see this forest almost as a metaphor for the inside of his mind, and writing it is a treat, even if it doesn’t come out great for everybody.

Episode 9: Down Long-Forgotten Paths. In this episode, we deal with the aftermath of last time’s battle, and discover a new and dangerous place.

Written and produced by: R.E.M. Verberg | Text editing: Louisa Mitchell | Narration: Diana Moore | Music: Alex Lew

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