The Raven’s Toll episode 8 – A Perfect Storm

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Annnd we’re back, with an episode that is pivotal for the story as a whole! The Raven finds himself in a battle that brings up old trauma, and makes a decision he can never unmake…

One of the challenges I love most about writing, is finding a balance between thematic content and action. By which I mean: simultaneously taking you on an exciting journey, and giving that journey a deeper meaning in the process. Writing a dynamic, action-packed ‘battle episode’ that ALSO moves the story’s main theme forward, was an amazing writing exercise, and I love how it turned out. Hope you enjoy it as well!

Episode 8: A Perfect Storm. In this episode, we find ourselves in a battle that will put relationships to the test, and make The Raven cross a bridge he can’t uncross…

Written and produced by: R.E.M. Verberg | Text editing: Louisa Mitchell | Narration: Diana Moore | Music: Alex Lew

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