The Raven’s Toll episode 7 – Diana is back!

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After last time’s truly heroic effort to get an episode up, I’m happy to say for this one we’re back to our usual standards! Most importantly Diana is back to narrating, and she did an amazing job telling Zori’s harrowing backstory.

This episode was fun to write, as it sheds light on a character that’s been lurking in the background for a while now. As we will learn, they will play a crucial role in events to come… We really hope you enjoy this one!

Episode 7: Bad Dreams, Bad Memories. In this episode, the upcoming battles forces The Raven to confront not only his past, but also someone with a devious plan.

Written and produced by: R.E.M. Verberg | Editing: Louisa Mitchell | Narration: Diana Moore | Music: Alex Lew

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