The Book Of Regret

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The Book Of Regret is a (low) fantasy work about a young man who is born with a magic power that’s considered a curse by everyone around him, including his own family. The manuscript is complete at 82.500 words, and after extensive edits I am now looking for representation.


Jona, wayward son to the Seal of Rheem, is convinced there’s something wrong with him. In barren, cursed Rheem, children are expected to be disciplined and tough – none of which applies to Jona. On top of that, he finds out he possesses the same magic power that long ago destroyed his country. A power so hated by everyone, not least his own father, that he has to keep it a secret at all costs. While Jona fights himself, we also meet a young double agent named Thetis, who has to hide her own identity for different, but equally impactful reasons.

When a desperate attempt to use his power results in the death of his sister, Jona escapes into substance abuse. While he succumbs to addiction, a different kind of power rises in the East, called the Covenant of the White Sun. Soon, old power and new collide. The Covenant is out for the fruits that are hidden in Rheem’s ancient Magoia Forest, and the Seal travels to neighboring Enesia to try and save his country from impending colonization. His mysterious advisor, a woman named The Sparrow, tells Jona that his father can only succeed with Jona’s help. This compels Jona to take action…even if it means sobering up and getting in touch with the part of himself he hates most.

Once in Enesia, Jona has a chance meeting with Thetis, a mysterious woman he seems to share a profound connection with. The encounter further convinces him to embrace his true nature and overcome his addiction. But can he trust a power he’s been told is evil his entire life? The Sparrow teaches him as best she can, but ultimately, Jona has to be the one to believe in himself. His struggle culminates at a ball the Enesians have organized in the Rheemians’ honor. Here, Jona meets Thetis again and discovers that not only she, but everyone around him is unthrustworthy. Thrown off balance, when he gets one chance to help his father, he instead uses his power to prevent an insignificant slave girl from being killed for sport.

This catapults Rheem and the Covenant into full-fledged war. The Seal, though grudgingly admitting his respect for Jona’s decision at the ball, still thinks very little of his son. Jona, who is in the throes of drug withdrawal, is almost too sick to notice. It isn’t until his father, tricked by a Covenant representative, decides to lead a subdivision of troups directly into an unwinnable battle, that Jona realizes he will get no more chances. If he wants to act, he has to act on what he thinks is right – without waiting for external validation.

With unexpected help from Thetis and The Sparrow, Jona manages to sway the battle. Sadly, it is too late to save his father: the Seal dies without ever having really known his son. Everyone else now wants something from Jona, including his surviving family members. It seems there is no way for him to simply be himself, except maybe with Thetis. That is – until she turns out to be a fickle friend as well. Jona has risked everything, only to be left with nothing. His father and sister are dead, his mother has usurped the Seal’s position, and his older brother has sided with the Covenant. Defeated, Jona flees to the forest.

But it is there, at his lowest point, that Jona finally sees the truth that will change his life. There are many kinds of power – but their goodness or badness lies solely in how they are used. He doesn’t need drugs to keep his power in check, and he doesn’t need anyone to declare it a force for good or evil: he can make that choice himself. This truth sets him free. Amidst the ruins of his country and his former life, he finds his destiny. With help from The Sparrow he must now use the balance he’s found within himself, to return Rheem, and the whole continent, to balance.

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