The Book Of Redemption

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The Book Of Redemptiont is a (low) fantasy work about a woman who has served fifteen years on a penitentiary island, and now has to choose between taking revenge on the ones responsible for her stay there, or opening her heart to an uncertain future. A treatment for the book is complete, the first draft is currently being written (expected end 2019).

After fifteen years on a remote island off the coast of Neimyra, Thetis has finally served her sentence for the crimes she committed as a double agent. Now, all she wants is to get back to Jona, and help his effort to restore Thunya to balance.

This, however, means forgiving both her former Order and the mother who abandoned her, leading eventually to her stay on the penitentiary island of Allarys. And Thetis isn’t feeling particularly forgiving. Especially once she meets some people from her early childhood, who drag up ugly memories she’d thought she’d left behind.

Soon, revenge leads Thetis down darkly familiar paths, further and further away from Jona. While she sinks into old habits, she also encounters an unwelcome new reality. As a weathered, forty-year-old woman, she can no longer use the same strategies to gain power as she did when she was twenty-four. Feeling locked in from all sides, she only gets more enraged…and more dangerous.

Things come to a head when a friend gives Thetis some delicate information she could use to dethrone and possibly murder her mother. Torn between her new vulnerability and the longing for revenge, Thetis is forced to question her own motives. She’s paid for her previous crimes – but will she ever redeem herself if she commits new ones? And what if she doesn’t, and moves back to Jona? Would he even still want her, now that she’s no long young, pretty or hopeful about life?

Grappling with changes within and outside herself, Thetis has to make the ultimate choice. Finding strength the way she’s always done, by taking it from others; or finding strength through opening her heart – at the risk of having it irreparably broken.

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