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The Book Of Redemption is the story of Thetis. After fifteen years on the penitentiary island of Alarys, she is ready to start over. Her plan is to find Jona and rejoin him in his effort to keep the Covenant of the White Sun at bay. But old habits die hard, and old grudges even harder. Soon, Thetis finds herself tangled up in a web of deceit, vengeance, and the struggle for power.

Can she break this pattern, before it breaks not only her, but the whole of Thunya?

When you get released from your prison island
but you're not ready

— 7/29/2019 — Thetis arrives on the shore of Neimyra

The light that struck the sand almost blinded her. Her manacles, nets of srecca filled with pieces of chalk and razor shells, were heavy around her hands and cut into her wrists. She stumbled onto the beach, her ankles constrained by heavy shackles. Wind. The smell of land beyond. Sharp sand between her toes. Wet hair blew into her face, but she ignored it. It shielded her from the sudden brightness of a future entirely blank, entirely unknown.

When your mom visits after 30 years
and all you want to do is kill her

—8/10/2019— Anthe and Thetis in Xomaris
Thetis closed her eyes for a moment. Memories and emotions flooded her. She was surprised at how much she remembered, but it was an unwelcome maelstrom, one that overtook her until she felt like she was drowning. Fourteen hours ago she’d still been on Allarys. Fourteen hours ago, she’d thought she could build a better life.
She opened her eyes.

“Prove it to me, then,” she said, very quietly. “Prove that you came here without an ulterior motive.”

Anthe shoved the full plate of food, cooled now, in her direction. She gestured at the open door. “Tokens of my good will.”

Thetis shook her head, ignoring her mother’s attempt at lightheartedness. “You see, I heard something today,” she said. “Ilya Baen is dead. You know, the wife who would only wed you without prior… attachments.” She drove her nails into the palms of her hands. “And now that she is gone, it’s Komis Baen who has the biggest claim on Baelyn. But you could remarry. You have no Lyr children. Except for me.”

She waited for Anthe’s reaction. Her mother stared at her, seemingly unphazed but for one small muscle underneath her left eye, that trembled and betrayed her.

“It’s true, then,” Thetis said. The old fire blazed through her, erasing the uncertainty, the memories, the feeling of stumbling through an unknown landscape. All of a sudden she was back on familiar ground. Here, she knew the way.

Because apparently, hateful mothers
are a theme in this book

— 9/14/2019 — Irre visits the war camp of Kevre Dos-Seelen
Underneath her hands, the soldier’s flesh felt too soft, like overripe fruit. He moaned quietly, his dark skin paling to gray as more blood seeped out of his leg wound. It should have been cauterized as soon as he was brought back here, but in the half hour Irre had spent in her mother’s camp, she hadn’t seen a single surgeon. Even so, the soldier could have survived, if he hadn’t caught the psitta plague that had struck down the majority of the men around him. Irre had given him a bit of the anthepa powder she carried, but it seemed too late.

The soldier moaned again. He had a strong face and wore his long black hair in a spearman’s braid. On the shoulder of his boiled leather vest, a captain’s insignia was visible. Irre felt the man’s trembling emotions, a tightly-wound knot slowly coming undone, and knew he would be mortified by his position if he’d been conscious enough to be aware of it. He was dying, and the only thing she could do for him was take off her cape and put it underneath his head. The soldier’s life vibrated through her once more, then slowly, slowly seeped away. In that moment, she hated her mother.

When you try flirting after fifteen years

—10/18/2019— Thetis in a bar in Xomaris

She shrugged. “I’m not that interesting.”
He once again refilled their cups, his fingers brushing hers when he handed her the drink. “Somehow, I doubt that.”
She threw her head back and laughed, surprising herself. She’d forgotten what it was to feel attraction, to be warm and safe and part of the world. 

Slowly, she leaned forward, until she mirrored him, her elbows leaning on the bar. “Well, like you said, it’s a slow day.” Her lips formed around the words carefully. “If you wanted to, you could get to know me…better.”
He froze momentarily, the laugh still visible in the creases of his eyes. “How do you mean?”
“You know what I mean.”
She watched his elbows slowly slide back over the bar, one hand shooting up and fumbling with the shells in his blond hair. A cold, sinking feeling filled her stomach.
“No, nevermind,” she said hastily.

He busied himself with bottles and cups, while she drank the last of her siltwine. “I’m sorry if I gave you the wrong impression.” He turned back, but could not quite face her. “You’re a very nice woman. If I was ten years older, I’m sure I’d be-”
“Please-” She silenced him. “It’s fine. I have to be on my way, in any case.”
He looked meaningfully from her to the empty cups.
“Oh. Of course.”

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