Giveaway contest announcement!

Yayyyy….time to WIN a character illustration by ME!!

Tuesday the 21st will be the kickoff to my podcast (Far-fetched Stories), version 2.0! I’ll be putting up a POLL here and you can pick which story prompt you want to see me write:)

Everybody who takes part in the poll is eligible to win! All you need to do is:
– vote
– be subscribed to my newsletter (link in bio)
– extra name in the hat if you follow me on FB, Twitter and Insta
– two extra names in the hat if you share this giveaway!!

Character in this illustration is The Raven himself! For the winner, I’ll be drawing a character of your choice OR a loved one or pet:). You will either receive the drawing printed on your canvas and sent to your home, or a digital file.

Can’t wait till Tuesday, I hope you all play along <3

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