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Did you write other books besides A Song Discordant?
I wrote three others in total – two are abonimable and should be killed with fire. Which is fine; they taught me how to write books. The third, most recent one before The Book Of Regret was pretty nice! But it’s not fantasy, and still not really written in a voice that feels like ‘mine’, so that one will probably stay in the drawer, too.

Do you have any more ideas for books lined up?
You betcha! After I finish this duology, I will start working on one of two ideas I have – whichever one feels like it needs to be written first. Both of those ideas are really high concept, so I won’t go into detail here, but I look forward to exploring them!

Will there be more books set in Thunya?
I’m not sure. My next two books after A Song Discordant will not be set in Thunya, but in a more abstract world parallel to our own. But you never know – I might return to the Thunyaverse! I’m really invested in the story of the Vanta, for example, especially The Sparrow and The Raven.

Stay tuned for updates on my work!

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