Crochet star garland: free pattern

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Sustainability is always important, but for me it rings extra true this year. 2020 has been hard on me financially, and making reusable decorations means saving money. But it’s about more than that. Every time I look at something I took the time to create for myself, there’s such a satisfaction to it. A tangible sense of worth and joy – and that’s probably something we can all use a bit of right now!


This star garland can be made in any desired length and any yarn of your choice. Use a single star to spruce up a gift, hang a small garland from a bookshelf, or create an extra long one for the Christmas tree (or house plant if you’re not into Christmas trees)!

Crochet star garland detail
  • Sports weight cotton (a mercerized yarn gives a nice shine to your stars) or other yarn.

  • A 3mm hook, or a hook matching your yarn.

  • Scissors.

  • Festive spirit.

To start

Chain (ch) 20. Slip stitch (ss) in the 4th chain from the hook to form a little ring. Ch 3 (this counts as a stitch).

Round 1 (base)

In the ring, do 9 double crochet (dc), bringing your total stitch count to 10 (including ch 3). For the 10th dc, do only half, leaving two loops on your hook. Take the starting chain and move it from left to right over your half-finished stitch. Then finish the dc by yarning over and pulling through the last two loops on your hook. Securing the chain in this way will ensure that your stars will lay flat across the chain.

Finish with 4 more dc for a total of 15 st, and ss into the 3rd chain of starting ch 3.


Round 2 (star points)


* Ch 3. In the next stitch, do a treble crochet (tr). Ch 2. Go into the top of the tr stitch and secure with a ss (this makes a sort of little picot and is the point of the star). Ch 3 and secure with a ss in the next st of round 1. To start the next star point, ss into the next st.*  

Repeat ** four more times, until your star has five points and you are back at the beginning. To secure the last point, don’t go into the last stitch but in between the posts of the last stitches. Secure with a ss.

To continue

Ch 20, ss in 4th loop from hook, and continue to make a star as described above. Note: the ‘tail’ you’ll have to move over your 10th dc in round 1 will get longer and longer. This is okay, you just have to make sure your work doesn’t get tangled.

Once you have enough length, ch 16 after the last star, pull the yarn tight and cut off.

Your stars will look frumpy, so you’ll need to block them. I did this by wetting them and pinning the points neatly to a blocking mat. You could use fabric stiffener, but for me this wasn’t necessary.

Enjoy and happy holidays!

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