Corona activities of a procrastinating writer

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Those of you who know I regularly cut my own hair and have an urban veg garden, but will only cook at gunpoint, probably won’t be surprised that my go-to corona activity isn’t sourdough bread. Of course, as a writer you still need procrastination activities – and so, I’ve taken to experimenting with stuff from my garden!


One the perks of working for a natural soap company is that you get inspired to work with plants, yourself! I put my own camomile on oil last year, and with some organic shea butter I nicked from the soap workshop last week, it has now become a soothing balm for sensitive skin?

Gotta say, the smell is not the best, probably because I only own two essential oils and kept trying to convince myself they work together when they really don’t…but my skin does feel like a baby’s bottom!


My second experiment: rosemary syrup! 

This is a recipe from the Soap Book my employer published last year. You are actually supposed to do it with pine needles: alternate layers of needles and sugar, then put the jar in the sun for four months and watch it turn into a syrup that’s supposedly at least as good as maple syrup!

I didn’t have pine needles, but I did have a buttload of rosemary. Evelien, my boss, said she isn’t sure it will work, because pine contains a lot of resin that might help with the syrup-process. But! I looked it up and rosemary contains resin, too. So now we wait. And hopefully, in four months I will have syrup…AND some serious writing done, he he.

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