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R.E.M. Verberg graduated with honors from the Utrecht School of the Arts, with a specialization in Prose. The next decade of her life was somewhat of a whirlwind. She became a respected writing coach, developed a bilingual copywriting business, and learned to cope with a chronic illness. And in the meantime, she wrote – but she never called herself a writer.

Her problem was the literary critic her education had instilled in her, who kept telling her she didn’t have what it took to be a ‘real’ writer. Moral ambivalence. An interest in main characters with failed love lives and a propensity for long walks.

In the end, it took a radical overhaul for her to escape her inner critic and become the professional, confident woman she is today. She transitioned from Dutch to English, and from literary fiction to (low) fantasy. This finally gave her the freedom to write exactly what she wanted to write. She definitely didn’t take the easy road – but it was the road to finding her voice. Now, she is ready for it to be heard.

R.E.M. Verberg lives in Utrecht, The Netherlands, with her partner Dirk and their pet rats Juul, Door and Deesje, who could take over the world if they ever stopped eating long enough.

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