A Song Discordant

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A duology about two very different people, bound together by struggles with identity, the use and abuse of power, and finding balance in unbalanced world. To fulfill their shared destiny they will have to save not only themselves, but also each other. A Song Discordant is a story about the interconnectedness of life, and the sacrifices it takes to become who you really are.

This journey started three years ago, when I wanted to write a book about what it’s like to grow up as the odd one out. What it feels like to be judged simply for who you are, and to feel like the positive qualities you have are not acknowledged. This loosely aligns with the way I used to perceive myself in relation to my family when I was young. Luckily, I have long overcome that perception – but the idea always stuck in my head as an interesting concept to write about. I guess it was one of those books you simply have to get out of your system as a writer.

Fast forward two years, and I had The Book Of Regret. It’s the story of Jona Dir-Rheem, who is born with a magic power that is considered a curse by everyone around him, but who eventually learns to rely on himself and his own judgement.

I loved this book – but I also knew it wasn’t the whole story. Because while I was writing about Jona, a stranger crept in: Thetis, a double agent with dubious morals and a mysterious past. She was clever, intriguing, and filled with rage. She was attracted to Jona, but she couldn’t be with him, because at that point in their shared story she had way too much unfinished business to sort through. So I figured there was only one thing for it – write another book.

This second book, The Book Of Redemption, is the one I’m currently working on. The story of a very – and rightfully! – angry woman, who has to choose between revenge and growth. When I began writing, I had no idea what my own personal link to the subject matter was. This book is telling me its secrets while I write it, which I love. But I do know Thetis and Jona will end up in the same place by the end of it – now I just have to find out how, and what they will be to each other when they get there.

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