The Raven’s Toll – Episode 3

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Episode 3 – To Places Grim And Dark: In this episode, we get to know The Raven’s new pupil…for better or worse. Writing: R.E.M. VerbergEditing: Lousia MitchellNarration: Diana MooreMusic: Alex Lew

tHe Raven's toll dates and collaboRatoRs

E01: January 21
E02: February 4
E03: February 18
E04: March 3
E05: March 17
E06: March 31
E07: April 14
E08: April 28
E09: May 12
E10: May 26
E11: June 9 
Editing: Louisa Mitchquaidesh
Narration: Diana Moore
Music: Alex Lew
Whispers & Wonder
Paul’s Picks
R.E.M. Verberg

about R.e.m. veRbeRg

Fantasy author with over ten years of experience as a writing coach and copywriter. Mother of rats, lover of geekery, glamour, knitting and wine. Frolicker with giant tentacle scarfs.


I’m currently working on a duology, A Song Discordant, and the audio series ‘The Raven’s Toll’.

Other fun facts about me: I love traveling alone, I can hold a pen with my toes, I have an awesome boyfriend and three pet rats. There’s more, but these are the essentials.

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