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Far-Fetched Stories is a monthly podcast that offers original speculative fiction shorts. Join in the poll each month to help me decide what story to write next!

14 part audio series

The Raven’s Toll is an audio series about an ancient being with a deadly power, who tries to save the people he loves without destroying the world.

debut novel

A Song Discordant is my debut novel that I’m currently rewriting. It is adult fantasy in the vein of N.K. Jemisin and Robin Hobb. 

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R.E.M. Verberg is a fantasy author with an ordinary life and a wild imagination.

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a song discordant

most recent excerpt from my debut novel

“Eh,” said Jona. From the corner of his eyes, the magoia fruits beckoned again. Focus, he thought. Think of something clever. Show Borra you don’t care. But before anything clever could present itself to him, the door burst open. Mistress Nimme took a step back and inclined her head to the Seal.

Their father’s imposing presence filled the room. He was very tall, but that was not the imposing part. There was resilience in his strong face, the lines of which had barely been softened by time and wisdom. Apart from his ceremonial magenta wrap, the Seal wore ordinary clothes – worn shama’a leather pants and a rough homespun shirt. He did not need the tokens of power in order to excude it. He was power, and when his gaze fell on Jona, the boy instinctively covered the doodles on the page in front of him.

“Apologies for the interruption,” the Seal said. “I’m afraid I have some bad news, and I need the children.”

Borra was already standing next to his desk. “What is it, father?”

“One of the shama’a girls got attacked by a wytta,” the Seal said.

“Who?” Jona blurted out, at the same time Nessaje said “How can we help?”

Nessaje shot him a look, and he felt his face heat up. The shama’a herders, all kids between the ages of twelve and sixteen, were Jona’s friends. Nessaje’s had been the right question, his the selfish one. As always.

The Seal ignored Jona, turning to Nessaje. “I need you three to help look for the shama’a,” he said. “They got away in the attack, and we need them.” His face hardened. “We won’t make it to the end of the summer without the meat.”

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A boy tries to hide his true nature and please his father at all costs - until a crisis forces him to embrace his own truth.

The raven's toll: meet the cast

The characters that play a major role in my 14 part audio series.

The raven | he/him

Vanta, Keeper of the Balance

Starts out wanting to right the wrongs that his race and their deadly powers have caused, but ends up using his own powers to do so and causing even more harm. His arc is one of being humbled and realizing that sometimes the best thing you can do is let go.

zori | they/them

Contellian, natural leader

Starts out as a servant / ‘util’ to Curas Laas, but ends up as the leader of a squad of deserted soldiers fighting for social change. 
Their arc is one of self-realization, empowerment and forgiveness.

R.E.M. Verberg Curas Laas

curas laas | he/him

Zornan commander and aristocrat

Starts out as an arrogant, selfish prick but ends up sacrificing his own needs for the greater good.
His arc is one of redemption, growth and self-sacrifice.

about me

Sometimes, turning that initial glimmer of inspiration into a story almost feels impossible, and the writing definitely never comes out the way I thought it would. But it’s still fun to try — it feels necessary to try. I don’t think I could live without trying.

After being a writing coach and copywriter for over ten years, I’m now spreading my wings as a fantasy author.
I love to write dark worlds with sparks of love and connection. Fantasy is a genre that lets me explore ideas and intuitions about the world we live in, with a heavy emphasis on the psychological and sociological, without all the boring parts of ‘real life’. Strong character arcs, diversity and genuine representation are super important to me. If you’re into authors like Robin Hobb, Ursula Le Guin and N.K. Jemisin, you’ll probably like my work.

 Currently, I run the podcast Far-Fetched Stories  and am working on my debut novel A Song Discordant.
Future plans include submitting my short stories to magazines, finding a home for my debut, and exploring a new, more urban fantasy universe that largely runs on dark thoughts. 

In my free time I make a lot of illustrations. I like to spend time inside my own head and am into knitting, crochet, art, reading, film and playing with my four pet rats.
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